Laura Baumer Intimate Wipes 20s



The Laura Baumer wipes for intimate hygiene offer thorough well-being and freshness at any time of day. Bring them with you when you are away from home: traveling, working, on holiday, at the gym, for guaranteeing comfort and confidence at your fingertips.
Their innovative formula is enriched with:
• CALENDULA natural extracts, effective in protecting the intimate mucous membranes and for preventing bad odors
• MALLOW, known for its soothing and decongestant action
• LACTIC ACID, helps to re-balance the pH of the intimate parts giving a fresh feeling
• VITAMIN E, with antioxidant properties
• GLYCERINE, moisturizing and emollient
Made of soft and durable fabric, for maximum safety and convenience during use.
FORMAT: 20 wipes